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Upcycle Nepal

Sewing Soul Into Fabrics

800 metric tons of garbage is filling the roads every day in Kathmandu, which means we are knowingly or unknowingly throwing out 2 kgs of waste every day, piling up the already full landfills. 10% of that is fabrics & clothing materials, we ensure that this 10% will not reach the pile of waste that will further litter the landfills, but rather end up on the hands of people to be reused by upcycling and recycling them into utility products.

Upcycle Nepal with its brand Revive wants to redefine the way people look at fabric waste by turning them into quality products; we make carrying upcycled products the new fashion. It utilizes household and industrial fabric waste to turn them into quality handmade utility products with a zero-fabric waste policy. Unwanted fabrics don't have to pollute the environment anymore, it can be reused in a creative way to turn them into quality products and also completely unusable as well as scrap fabrics are also recycled to make various products.


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