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Recyclers Nepal

Recycling landfill wastes into artistic products

We are a startup focusing on recycling landfill waste and turning them into useful products. The main focus of our startup is to reduce landfill waste which is the major cause of pollution in our country and process those waste to manufacture products that are sustainable. 

We do not have any product on hand right now and are in the researching phase of how different wastes can be recycled into products, however, we have found ways to recycle paper wastes and scrap waste and are in the process of turning them into products. We recycled paper wastes into the new canvas and sketched a mandala art and framed the art which can be used as a decorative piece or a gift copy. The scrap metals collected from the motor garages are being turned into creative wall watches as shown in the pictures attached. We are currently researching on recycling of plastic wastes and ciggeret butts which can be utilized as a raw material for development of new useful products.

Recycling every waste into useable products will help build a better and pollution-free environment and also provide sustainable products.


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