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Book Gara

Revolutionize Nepali Service Industry

BookGara is a revolutionary open platform. 
- Building a community based platform to connect all Nepali and change the way they do business together.
- We bring freelancers from all industries in one place to help you get the best service at the lowest price on your preferred time.
- Service warranty and payment guarantee on every booking.

Bookgara is an open platform where regular people like us can find service, products or news/events all in one place. It is a community based platform where people connect in order to solve any kind of problems be it complex or simple. It is an all in one portal where you can get information for the ingredients of your favorite cake, purchase the ingredients, get it delivered to you and get it cooked by a chef of your choosing. We aim to do that by providing you with all the information you need and then connecting the right service providers to you to fulfill your specific needs. That is what Bookgara is, an idea where you can find all that you need in one place, a full stop where all your needs end.


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